Who are at risk of rabies

Any activity that increases the probability of a person coming in contact with saliva, body fluids, or tissue of rabid animals increases the risk of rabies.

Individuals who walk in the lonely lanes or forest regions, where there is less crowd are at risk of being bitten by rabid animals. This includes people who go for early morning walks or jogging and frequents trekkers.

Children who walk to school or who tend to play with street dogs are also at increased risk of rabies.

Pet owners who do not vaccinate their pets regularly are also at high risk of rabies.

Other factors that can increase the risk of rabies include:

  • Traveling or living in countries where rabies is common, such as countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Activities that require you to be in contact with wild animals that may have rabies, like exploring caves that have bats or camping in regions without protecting the campsite from wild animals.
  • Working in a laboratory with the rabies virus.
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